Suitable for: Proficient organisers to assist them to take greater responsibility for their work as an experienced organiser

Purpose: This course is designed for proficient organisers to develop their knowledge and skills to enable them to take responsibility for planning and implementing campaigns that develop leadership and structure for the long term. It deepens their understanding of educational principles applied in the work of organising. Participants gain an understanding of and the elements in analysing and planning at an industry level, and more detailed understanding of communication principles (such as framing) and method in a campaigning context.

Learning Outcomes: At the end of Craft of Organising participants will be able to:

  • Share experiences and reflect on their work as an organiser;
  • Conduct an analysis of power at an industry level;
  • Identify the relationship between workplace and industry plans;
  • Deepen research, analysis and planning skills;
  • Underpin the work they do with activists and leaders with adult education principles and practice;
  • Demonstrate working with a WOC at various stages, complexity and intensity;
  • Underpin their SOC with strategic questioning;
  • Deepen the power element of SOC through the application of the Industrial Areas Foundation framework;
  • Demonstrate structured and inspiring presentations;
  • Recognise the role of organisers in educating, leaders and members to analyse issues that impact on all working people;
  • Assess employer strategies and tactics and the develop effective strategies for different contexts;
  • Discuss the purpose and demonstrate a story of hope;
  • Describe and apply elements of strategic campaigning;
  • Discuss the importance of framing in communication strategies and demonstrate reframing;
  • Develop escalating actions to both develop leadership and mobilise.
  • Develop a plan to apply in a target site

Structure: This course is structured as 4 + 4 days with a two staged project. There are components of Online learning to reinforce the elements taught face to face.

Coaching & Mentoring: The transfer of skills and knowledge from this course requires that participants are supported in participating in the development of industry campaign plans ensuring they are using the most appropriate methods in these campaign plans. Participating in the implementation of this plan will provide an important opportunity for ongoing supported development.

Fees: $1,240.00 (GST inclusive) per person.

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Participant - AUD $1240.00
Mon 14 Oct 2019 09:00 AM - Thu 17 Oct 2019 05:00 PM
COO Part 1: Melbourne, VIC
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Tue 26 Nov 2019 09:00 AM - Fri 29 Nov 2019 05:00 PM
COO Part 2: Melbourne, VIC
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