Suitable for: Organisers, Industrial Officers, Member Support Centre Staff and any other union staff who require knowledge about the industrial relations system within Australia.

Aims: This course is designed to provide the fundamental knowledge required to work within the Australian industrial relations system. It covers how laws are made, employment relationships, how to read and understand legislation and industrial instruments and understanding the ways in which union resolution to issues differs to that of a legal firm.

Learning Outcomes: At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the different sources of law in the Australian industrial system;
  • Identify what these laws offer for issue resolution in terms of prevention or remedy;
  • Understand how the Australian industrial system has changed over time and the drivers of change;
  • Understand different types of employment and work and identify trends in workforce and employment status;
  • Understand the principles of interpreting legislation and awards and agreements;
  • Understand basic principles of contract formation and of interpreting employment contracts;
  • Develop and apply basic legal research skills and drafting such as applications for unfair dismissal remedies;
  • Differentiate between individual and collective issues and understand processes to engage workers collectively in issue resolution;
  • Develop problem solving skills in order to utilise effective resolution approaches;
  • Understand components of industrial power and consider how to build power through the issue resolution process;
  • Link industrial and organising processes during issue resolution;
  • Effectively communicate with stakeholders throughout industrial processes;
  • Identify the importance of and process for file and workload management;

Structure: This course is structured as 4 days. There are components of online learning to reinforce the elements taught face to face.

Fees: $800.00 (GST inclusive) per person.

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Note: This course is not delivered under the TUEF Productivity Education and Training Fund Project.