Suitable for: Union organisers.

Entry Requirement: Currently or prospectively have organising responsibilities as part of their duties and have completed Organiser Pathway Level 1 - Organising Foundations or an equivalent course.


  • To advance the skills and knowledge of organisers and lead organisers to have the recruitment or sign up conversation with potential members.
  • To improve attitudes and behaviours of organisers and lead organisers about the recruitment or sign up conversation.
  • To deliver capacity to union branches in order to implement growth initiatives based around recruitment activity.

Learning Outcomes: On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective listening skills in the context of approaching an unknown member of the public to gauge their views on a current union campaign.
  • Summarise and confidently articulate the purpose of their union.
  • Recognise different communication preferences amongst potential members and adapt their approach accordingly.
  • Demonstrate a conversation in which potential members identify the importance of union power within five steps.
  • Confidently close a conversation using a number of strategies.
  • Use services provided by the union in the recruitment conversation whilst ensuring that the potential members understands that have joined a union.
  • Effectively use all the steps in handling objections.
  • Positively approach conversations with potential members.

Method: This course has a very practical focus and participants in this course will be expected to participate in a number of conversations held in public areas and workplaces during the four days. It is vital that unions sending participants to this course provide an opportunity immediately following the course for organisers to hold recruitment conversations and that these conversations are debriefed as part of the ongoing development of the persons skills.

Fees: $840.00 (GST inclusive) per person.

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